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A T T E N T I O N . about : 3D-Printed Guns

Since May 9 2013 the USA has placed any and all 3-D and weapons related informations under ITRE rules.
Therefore all files about ANY weapons technology is moved the RESTRICTED non-US users area and are prefixed with ITRE until definitive Court action has been concluded.
Example :
Be very careful, you are risking multiple years in PRISON.

The color-scheme represents the percentile of the population conscious of their enslavement.(Blue = statistically insignificant)

New laws in the USA not only make it illegal for US citizens to use or produce many kinds of useful software or inform/publishing research about such software (that's ok, after all it's their law), but also seek to prevent citizens of other countries from making such software or information available to the US.

Unless special measures are taken, this will make it hard for people in other parts of the world to exercise the rights defended and protected by their respective laws. One obvious special measure would be setting up a hosting service for these kinds of resources with the added extra of access control to make sure US residents and citizens won't be able to download the software or information. This way these resources will stay available for the rest of the world and only those countries who chose to be excluded (by Law) will be deprived of the software or information in question.

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Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.
(Winston Smith reading Goldstein from Orwell's 1984)